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Paying off a student loan in default article!
The average student left college with $21,000 in student loan debt and no way to pay it back. If debt collectors are harassing you, learn about your rights and options here!

Student loan deferments and forbearance information
Student Loan Deferments are possible under certain circumstances. Discover your options here.

FAQs about student loans in default and consolidation options
Defaulted Student Loans - FAQs with expert answers.

Financial Services Directory for Student Loan Consolidation
Get help consolidating student loans and save up to 54 percent with Financial Services and low-cost financial aid.

Employer wage garnishment actions when employee's student loans are in default
Wage Garnishment Information for Employers who have been notified to garnish an employee's pay.

Wage garnishment hearing procedures for defaulted student loans
The Administrative Wage Garnishment Hearing Procedures.

Wage garnishment information for students with defaulted loans
Wage Garnishment for Students whose loans are in default. These students may face nasty debt collection tactics including garnishment without warning!

Student loan cancellation options for Perkins and Stafford loans
Student Loan Cancellation and Discharge Options.

Student loan disputes when you do not owe the money
You do not owe the money but the debt collector is demanding money! Learn what to do here.

Loan disputes where the student should not have to repay
Loan disputes over current and defaulted student loans and what to do to protect your rights.

Loan disputes involving financial hardship
You can avoid paying students loans while experiencing financial hardships.

Scholarship Scams - How to avoid being ripped off!
Scholarship Scams are rampant on the Internet, learn how to protect yourself.

Loan disputes involving defaulted student loans
If you believe that you do not owe the money then use this information to protect yourself.